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I want to thank you for visiting our site. We will work together in evaluating your specific requirements and expectations. I am committed to you and your dog with guaranteed satisfaction. Once it`s done it`s done for life, giving you a solid companion to really enjoy. When quality matters, call DeSanto’s Dogs!

Dog Obedience Training

A process that involves teaching dogs to follow commands and to behave appropriately. This training focuses on developing a strong bond between the dog and its owner, while teaching basic commands. Obedience training helps dogs to understand boundaries, improves their social skills, and promotes positive behavior all around.

Tracking Training

A specialized form of training where dogs are taught to use their sense of smell to locate people through targeted exercises and positive reinforcement. We will train your dog or provide you with a dog that will run a minimum of a three hour old track. This training enables dogs to assist law enforcement, search teams, and other organizations.

Dog Trainer Certification

Become a dog trainer. I have developed a very extensive curriculum for the public and veterans to learn dog training. My curriculum will also cover every aspect of the billion dollar dog industry to ensure success for our students, with continued follow-up support. Learn more on my Become a Dog Trainer page.


Desanto’s Dogs offers comprehensive training tailored for Assistance Dogs, including Service Dog, Emotional Support Dog and Therapy Dog training. Depending on your needs, will train your dog or we will provide you with a pretrained dog. We also offer training for dogs to help them adapt to living or working around individuals with disabilities or those utilizing assistive devices.