Some of the past students of Desanto's Dogs

obedience training for Boxer dogs in NC. This is Otis, a past student of mine.

 One year old Boxer, Otis. Trained in 12 days
(12/28/14 – 1/16/15).

obedience training for dogs is a great way to build confidents and have a happy home

Five month old male Boxer, Earnest T. Trained in 11 days
(1/9/15 – 1/20/15).

Four month male Akita, Wideload. Trained in 9 days
(1/23/15 – 2/1/15).

Four month old male Great Dane, Marley. Trained in 13 days (4/10/15).

On 2/2/15  we were contracted by the Miller family to locate for them a young male, Mantle color, Great Dane. Three days later 2/4/15 we secured this gorgeous 11 week old pup for them.

dog and puppy obedience training near me

Eleven m/o male Boxer X, Bandit. Trained in 13 days
(6/13/15 – 6/26/15).

are you looking for puppy training classes near me in NC. Contact Desanto's Dogs today

One and a half year old female Husky mix, Zoe. Trained in 12 days
(6/28/15 – 7/9/15).

guard dog training near me NC at Desanto's dogs

Eight month old male Bull Terrier, Rico. Trained in 12 days
(7/27/15 – 8/8/15).

One year old female German Shepherd Dog, Luna.
(Started 4/15/14).

I am looking for a dog trainer in the charlotte north carolina area. obediance training and some guard dog training is preferred.

Nine month old German Shepherd, Belle. Trained in 11 days
(8/13/15 – 8/23/15).

Who do you recommend in the NC area for obedience dog training with financing available

Five mo old fem Dutch Shepherd, Melle. Trained in 13 days
(10/10/15 – 10/23/15).

Six month old fem Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog. Trained in 10 days
(10/24/15 – 11/3/15).

protection training, personal protection, guard dog training in north carolina

Four m/o fem Doberman Pincher, Gemma. Trained in 13 days
(1/27/16 – 2/9/16).

I am looking for a dog trainier in north carolina to train my dog for protection and watch dog

One year old female Terrier mix, Coco. Trained in 13 days
(3/5/16 – 3/18/16).

Where can I take my labrador retreiver for obedience training and socialization

One year old female Labrador, Cali. Trained in 8 days
(3/19/16 – 3/27/16).

Dog training and obedience classes for dogs near me in north carolina

One year old female Weimaraner, Bella. Trained in 10 days
(3/30/16 – 4/8/16).

fully trained protection dogs in north carolina

On 2/5/15 We were contracted by Mr. Gaten to locate for him a young male, brindle marked, Pit Bull, that would turn heads. Seven days later. 2/12/15, we secured this beautiful, 8+ pounds, 4 week old male for Mr. Gaten.

American Pit Bull Terrier obedience training near me
Custom dog training for home business estate and personal in north carolina

One and a half yr old male Boxer mix, Zeus. Trained in 12 days
(4/10/16 – 4/22/16).

personal protection dogs for sale north carolina

Two year old female Presa Canario, Moet. Trained in 12 days
(4/24/19 – 5/6/16).

guard dogs for sale in north carolina. customized training to fit your needs.

Seven month old female Vizsla, Penny. Trained in 12 days
(5/7/16 – 5/19/16).

Trained GSD puppies for sale NC

Three month female German Shepherd, Lilly. Trained in 10 days
(5/25/16 – 6/4/16).

dog training schools near me charlotte, nc

One year male Golden Retriever, Brody. Trained in 6 days
(6/7/16 – 6/12/16).

Dog obedience training in NC by desantos dogs

Four month male German Shepherd, AJ. Trained in 14 days
(6/25/16 – 7/9/16).

canine good citizen training in north carolina, somewhere near charlotte, for my pit bull mixed breed

Three and a half yr old male Mix Breed, Mugsy. Trained in 10 days
(9/10/16 – 9/17/16). 

trained personal protection dogs and puppies for sale in north carolina.

Six mo female German Shepherd, Gracie. Trained in 10 days
(9/17/16 – 9/27/16).

Dog training near me Raleigh, nc dog trainers for my youn german shepherd

Nine month old male German Shepherd. Trained in 10 days
(10/1/16 – 10/11/16).

personal protection dogs and puppies for sale in asheville, nc. I am looking for a GSD guard dog.

Five mo male German Shepherd, Ramsey. Trained in 11 days
(1/28/17 – 2/8/17).

I am looking for a personal protection dog to purchase in or around Wilmington, NC

One year male Carolina Dog, Mickey. Trained in 11 days
(2/11/17 – 2/22/17).

Wilmington, NC obedience school for dogs with training issues

Nine month female Boxer Mix, Emmie. Trained in 11 days
(2/25/17 – 3/8/17).

I am looking for dog obedience school for my husky puppy somewhere near asheville, nc

Nine month old female Husky, Blizzard. Trained in 16 days
(2/28/17 – 3/17/17).

fully trained rottweiler protection dogs for sale in north carolina

Six month male Rottweiler, Joshua. Trained in 8 days
(3/15/17 – 3/23/17).

deaf dog hearing impaired dog training in north carolina by desantos dogs

11 year old Akita/Doberman mix, Koda. Trained in 10 days
(4/7/17 – 4/17/17).

North carolina fully trained personal protection dogs for sale belgium malinois

One year old female Mix Breed, Forrest. Trained in 14 days
(4/18/17 – 5/3/17).

Charlotte NC obedience training for adult dogs and puppies

Five mon male German Shorthair Pointer, Tucker. Trained in 12 days
(4/20/17 – 5/3/17).

adult dog obedience training in NC, near me in charlotte

Three year old female mix breed, Cali. Training ended

Charlotte, NC obedience dog trainers who are located near me. Behavioral issues, aggression, professional dog trainer.

Five mon old German Shepherd, Onyx. Trained in 12 days
(5/4/17 – 5/16/17).

obedience training for large dogs in wilmington, nc. I am looking for a professional dog trainer.

Five mon Bernese Mt. Dog, Gunner. Trained in 10 days
(5/12/17 – 5/22/17).

adult dog training for adult dogs withbehavioral issues. located in north carolina, Greensboro

Desanto’s Dogs training session & summary.
(Video created 10/22/17)

I need a professional dog trainer for my presa puppy, obedience and personal protection training

Desanto’s Dogs training session & summary.
(Video created 10/29/17)

Desanto’s Dogs training session & summary.
(Video created 06/18/17)

Desanto’s Dogs training session & summary.
(Video created 06/12/17)

Desanto’s Dogs training session & summary.
(Video created 07/9/17)

Desanto’s Dogs training session & summary.
(Video created 07/31/17)