dave Desanto of Desanto's Dogs in North Carolina. He is a professional dog trainer.
Dave Desanto, Desanto's Dogs

With over four decades of experience, I have had the privilege of working extensively with diverse breeds of dogs since 1979. Throughout my career, I have specialized in various areas including law enforcement, security, therapy, tracking, conformation showing, assisting individuals with disabilities, obedience training, scent detection, and personal protection. My expertise has extended to serving clients in the entertainment, sports, and political domains, catering to their unique canine needs. From the tiniest toy breeds to the grandest, no canine challenge has been beyond my scope. My commitment to excellence and dedication to the well-being of both you and your beloved companion drives me. The satisfaction of knowing that I have played a role in fostering a harmonious and enduring bond between you and your dog fills me with immense pride. Your satisfaction is my utmost priority, and I am genuinely passionate about working collaboratively with you and your dog to ensure a fulfilling and comfortable life together.

A Team

With over four decades of experience in dog training, I have had the privilege of working with various organizations such as the private sector, FBI, SBI, city, county, state police, and the prison system. Throughout my career, I have focused on canine training and breeding, ensuring the highest quality for you and your dog. Whether you need training for any breed, be it a companion or protector, I am dedicated to providing honest, respectful, and satisfying services.

Having imported and bred German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois from Holland, Czechoslovakia, and Germany, I have worked extensively with ZVV, KNPV, and Sch. dogs. I have successfully sold dogs to professionals and individuals alike, both adults and puppies. If you are looking for a quality working dog or a pet for your home or business, I can assist you in developing the perfect match.

The results I deliver for you and your dog are tangible. My training expertise, combined with unwavering commitment, sets me apart. Once your dog undergoes training, it will retain the skills acquired, becoming a reliable companion for life. The training you receive will enable you to understand and enjoy your dog, while effectively applying the training techniques.

Training is a collaborative effort, regardless of the type you seek – obedience, behavioral, protection, guard, or tracking – be it for personal, home, or business purposes. We must all work together as a team, with both you and your dog actively participating and learning. My job is not complete until we have a harmonious team, consisting of you and your dog. I guarantee results, addressing any needs or issues that may arise. I am here to assist you with all your dog-related requirements, from acquiring a specific breed of dog or puppy to finding a trained companion. From start to finish, I will be by your side, ensuring a productive and enjoyable training experience as a united team.

The success of training your dog does not rest solely on the dog, it's equally about you, the owner.

Years ago I developed a follow up support format unlike any other to ensure my clients complete understanding and application of their dogs training. There are two sides to dog training. The first is a trained dog and the second is your training. The success of the training is you having a complete working knowledge and how to apply it. Its you having a companion that you can take and do whatever you want with, under any conditions with confidence, control and comfort. Over years of training dogs and their people I have perfected the deliverance and understanding of their dog`s training to my clients. 

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